About Wise Handling

What we do...

At Wise we design, build and supply material handling equipment, specialising in mobile lifting and traveling solutions for the marine and industrial sectors. We also provide support and service for our and other machines including training and development.

The diciplines required to produce the solutions to customers problems has led to the development of a range for boat handling and marine applications, providing an extensive range of options for recovery and launch from slipway and/or finger piers. This is accompanied by our range of boat transporting and storage solutions.

Wise has further enhanced its influence in the industrial sector with several ranges of rubber tyre straddle hoists (gantry cranes) which take and combine the expertise gained from our one off solutions. These units are of modular design and can be customised to suit specific requirements, thus combining the cost advantages of a standard product with the individuality that only "one off designs" can provide.

Wise Handling Limited

A brief History...

1972 Wise Formed to provide inovative solutions to specific materials handling problems. Initially the company provided design and precurement services only. In house manufacturing was soon added to reduce the complexity of the manufacturing and procurement processes, improving quality and delivery times.
First Marine Hoist developed - leading to Wise's long standing involvement in the marine industry
1973 Trailer Hoist Developed
First Industrial Straddle Hoist developed
1974 Wise Pioneered the four wheel steer option
Our first exported machine delivered to Portugal (Which is still operating to this day)
First cradle transporter system developed and supplied
1978 Factory expansion - Dedicated welding shop created
First towed boat transporter developed
1982 Self-powered Slipway hoist with variable width developed
1983 Factory Expansion - Extra height assembly shop created
1984 First self powered boat transporter developed
1991 First Amphibious Marine Hoist developed
1993 Specialist CAD software introduced
Factory expansion - Dedicated shot blasting and profiling shop
1994 Structural analysis software introduced
1997 Original factory refurbishment stage 1 - Machine shop
2002 Pioneered the Multi-mode steering option
Original factory refurbishment stage 2 - Hydraulics shop
2003 Main offices re-located and expanded
2006 First Dual-purpose machine developed
CAD Software upgraded
2009 Investment in automated submerged arc welding equipment - for superior weld quality
2013 Investment in the latest computer hardware and software
Development of full boat transporter range