Trailer Hoists, Boat Trailers

Trailer Hoists

This versatile and adjustable unit is ideal for small boatyards as well as larger marinas. While at the budget end of the Wise range, the trailer hoist is no less well designed and is constructed to work in harsh and corrosive environments.

The trailer hoist boasts stainless steel swivel pins, pipes and fittings, variable sling positions, UV protected hoses and tough epoxy paint as standard. Optional variable width frame and auxiliary lift only increase the versatility of this economical unit.

Other features:

Weight transfer Hitch - The universal coupling maximises the turning circle and through its clever design positions the centre of gravity directly to the drive wheels giving maximum traction. Uncoupling in under a minute releases the tractor for other duties.

Hydraulic lifting frame - A robust frame with double acting cylinders designed to operate independent of each other or in sequence. The design allows for a wide range of sling positions.

Fail safe system for raise and lower of arms

Automatic overload protection

C.E. mark